Our main laboratory and R&D centre located in Thomastown, Victoria uses state-of-the-art analytical equipment for masterbatch analysis and development. This facility is the most resourced and equipped technical laboratory in Australasia and Vietnam.

Our full array of laboratory resources include:

  • Colour spectrometers
  • High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
  • Fourier transform infra-red spectrometers (FTIR)
  • Film and sheet extrusion line
  • QUV accelerated weathering tester
  • Filter pressure equipment
  • Densitometer and volume resistivity meter
  • Moisture tester
  • Melt flow indexers

In addition, we can also conduct extra testing and reproduce requested samples. For this, we draw upon various single and twin extruders, film tower, sheet extruder and injection moulding machines.